Bridging Channels

Our Company

President & Founder

Black Rock Electronics Consulting, LLC recognizes that business and sales is done with focused expertise and experience. Development of a sales process for the North American market is as unique as it is in other world-wide markets. Fundamentally it’s the same but execution is very different based on cultural differences, economic structure and process.  

We know the power of a strong distribution channel program for North America. We know the value of manufacturer’s reps. We know the critical nature of a solid sales process built for the markets served. We can facilitate a local presence and help your company develop the right sales process for the North American market.

This is a focused and cost effective solution to a sales problem for off-shore and small start-up companies. No need to commit to sales overhead until you decide what is right for your model. Scaling a sales structure for your business with an experienced sales executive to help initiate your sales process and network – that’s what we do.

Our Mission

“To advise and support our clients in the North American electronics, industrial and IIoT industries in the development of an effective sales process, understand the critical value of a proper channel structure as well as realizing the effectiveness of a customer-connected and informed rep network. ”

We Bridge Channels.