Bridging Channels


Black Rock Electronics Consulting, LLC recognizes that a successful sales process is accomplished with focused expertise and market experience.

We know the power of a strong distribution channel program for North America. We know the value of manufacturer’s reps. We know the critical nature of a solid sales process built for the markets served.
We can facilitate a deep-rooted regional presence and help your company develop the right sales process for the North American market. Development of a sales process for the North American market is as unique as it is in other world-wide markets. Fundamentally it’s the same but execution is very different based on cultural differences, economic structure, geographic scale, and process.

This is a focused and cost-effective solution to a sales problem for start-up companies, NPI vendors, stagnant models, or offshore entities. No need to commit to sales overhead until you decide what is right for your model. Scaling a sales structure for your business with an experienced sales executive to help initiate your sales process and network – that’s what we do.

Our Mission

“Advise and support our clients in the North American industrial electronics, battery / energy storage, and IIoT industries in development of an effective sales process.  Understanding the critical upside value of a proper channel structure as well as realizing the effectiveness of a customer-connected and informed rep network are key to this success.”

We Bridge Channels